Can I help you?

Do you need a proofreader?

My name is Annie Deakins and I provide professional proofreading services.

You could be an educational publisher, a business or student who wants writing checked. I check errors in writing, giving you a reliable and efficient turnaround.

With my background in teaching, I bring a specific set of professional skills for your needs




Educational publishers do you need a proofreader for Primary textbooks and e-learning materials?

Publishers of children’s books do you need a proofreader for books of fiction or non-fiction for 5-11 year olds?

Students does your writing need to be tidied and more presentable?  See Clients under ‘More…’.

I provide monthly editing services for the Outlook parish magazine of Great Dunmow and Barnston (St Mary’s & St Andrew’s churches), and have done since November 2018.


“Thank you so much for doing this. I greatly appreciate it.” Jane Moody, SfEP Training Director (Proofread a ‘Bank of Proofreading Exercises’ which will be available from the SfEP.) 

“Annie responded very quickly and was professional, at any time. She showed high attention and accuracy in the work development. She was professional, with full availability in processing documents. We liked that she respected tight deadlines. The best word to describe her is ‘Reliability’. We would highly recommend Annie to others.” Professor Neli Demireva & Mr Marco Mangiantini, Sociology Department University of Essex. (Proofreading services provided.)

“My thanks to Annie, who has taken on the role of editor of OUTLOOK with such energy and enthusiasm. She is so efficient. “ Sally, retired editor of ‘Outlook’ Parish Magazine, Gt Dunmow, Essex; January 2018.