About me

FAQ: Why do you need me, a professional, to check the text?

A former classroom teacher, I started my freelance proofreading business in January 2017, I began as an Entry Level Member of the Society of Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) in January 2016. Then I upgraded in February 2018 by training and gaining experience as a proofreader.

Courses & Qualifications

You are getting professionalism from the trusted and respected training courses  I have done with the SfEP (most recent first):

My SfEP proofreading training taught me to use BSI Symbols, and to check writing on screen using track changes in Word, and on hard copy.


Now registered as an Intermediate Member, with my proofreader services, you are guaranteed:

  • consistency – writing style is analysed for all aspects of inconsistency;
  • quality – a high standard of error-checking;
  • enthusiasm –  keen, willing and able to offer a quick turnaround if required;
  • integrity – you are offered fair Terms & Conditions, within the SfEP Code of Conduct.

A bit about me

I graduated in the late 80s with a B.Ed degree in Primary Education, having grown up in Paisley, near Glasgow. On graduation, I ventured ‘South of the Border’ – eek – to begin teaching.  I have taught in Essex, for longer than I care to remember. Now I am applying my marking and marketing skills to freelancing. With MUCH enthusiasm.

As a fun extra and part-time job, I tutor Primary School children on a 1-1 basis. Some habits are hard to break. Well, it gets me away from the laptop. See my profile at Tutorful Agency for 1-1 tuition. With two strapping sons and an artistic husband, all over 6 feet tall, I also need little people in my life. Stroking the cats helps too.