Proofreading Experience

  • Proofreading the CIEP Bank of Proofreading Exercises (Contact: Jane Moody).
  • Proofreading 49,000 words for the ‘GEMM* Project’ Journal edited by the Sociology Department,  University of Essex , Colchester. 

*GEMM: Growth, Equal Opportunities, Migration and Markets. This project addresses the challenges and barriers that European countries face in managing the mobility of persons to realize competitiveness and growth. (See Testimonial on front page.)

Editing/Design Experience

July 2019: Design and proofread a charity leaflet.

August 2017 to present: Editor of ‘Outlook’ Parish Magazine: I have been editor of my local parish magazine, OUTLOOK (Great Dunmow and Barnston) since August 2017. Thank you to Sally, for your training, help and advice as co-editor. See tribute below.

I use Microsoft Publisher,  the design programme for the 40 page, A5 magazine. My role includes rearranging the adverts over twenty pages each month; receive, edit and check the editorial from contributors. I change these features into house style and proofread; finally, I add illustrations and images for interest. The magazine is delivered to a distribution area of 4,700 houses and rising.

“My thanks to Annie, who has taken on the role of editor of OUTLOOK with such energy and enthusiasm.” Sally, retired editor of ‘Outlook’ Parish magazine

My first issue as church magazine editor – 40 pages!