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Here is a bank of resource templates for newbie freelancers, particularly an editor or proofreader.

Click on the images below to download free documents and adapt them for your own needs.



Here are my #TallTartanTips for edibuddies shared weekly on LinkedIn.

They are a handy reminders I have picked up in social media land about how to do marketing when running your own business. Also think of them as mantras to maintain a positive mindset.

✔ Feel the fear and do it anyway.

✔ Like, comment, and  engage with connections on social media.

✔ ‘Follow’ useful  connections on LinkedIn, who might know others in industries you have an interest in, who could help with work.

✔ Plan content for social media; have a strategy.

✔ The 3Ps: patience, perseverance, persistence.

✔ Share T&Cs with clients. Have a contract or email agreement to protect yourself.

✔ Know your worth when quoting a price. Don’t ‘race to the bottom’ for just any job. It lowers your value and those of others who are competing with you.

✔ Look out for yourself and your mental health. Ensure a work/life/social media balance. Get some fresh air.  (Edited in June 2019: #StetWalk and variations have started.)

✔ Think of yourself as a business owner, not just freelance. It will change your mindset.

✔Feel safe to ask questions. If it is the client of the customer, is the brief clear, are there any misunderstandings? Don’t be shy to ask questions. If you are a fellow edibuddy who wants advice, email is a safe space.

✔ Put aside some time each week to explicitly learn some CPD, or read those notes from a course attended last term … A half day should do it – Monday morning or Friday afternoon is good for me when I am either planning my week ahead, or reviewing how my week has gone.

✔ Make time for resources: listen to  ‘The Editing Podcast’ by Denise Cowle and Louise Harnby. This valuable content is enriched with extra resources. The fourth series is out now! My favourite episode: How to use tricky punctuation …

✔Invest money in resources: you need to speculate to accumulate, e.g. buy a subscription to PerfectIt by PerfectIt finds inconsistencies in areas such as spelling and styling much faster.

CIEP Resources

Also, I include links to other CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders) resources which I have found invaluable as a freelance. If you are not a member, sign up! It’s an investment in your career.

CIEP model contracts

Suggested CIEP minimum rates

CIEP Guides

CIEP Forums

21 Top Tips for Freelances from the CIEP website




Credit: CIEP website – 

All of the above are recommended by many CIEP members.



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